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Holliman and Associated Families
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Stewards of Our Various Families' Past

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about photo 1 Above, Glenn N. Holliman's maternal line is represented at this 2014 gathering of distant cousins in Boone, NC, descendants of Squire Boone, John Wilcoxson and the Greer, Wilson, Osborne and Adams families. In the 1700s, our ancestors braved the frontiers of southwestern Virginia, western North Carolina, and of course our Uncle Daniel Boone, who explored the 'dark and bloody ground' of Kentucky.

about photo 2Barbara meets with a distant cousin in Northern Ireland.

My wife, Barbara Long Holliman, and I have pursued our various family branches with a passion. We have traveled to ancestral sites in Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, England and Germany doing research and talking to distant cousins. Kindly, family members, near and far, have sent materials from earlier cousins who pursued genealogy. So we have boxes and boxes of memorabilia, manuscripts and photo albums, not only of direct ancestors, but very distant cousins and many allied families. We feel we have become stewards of our various families' past.

The majority of materials in this site are of the Holliman families, in variations such as Hollyman, Holleman, Holloman, Holiman and others. Ancestors on both my paternal and maternal sides are largely from the British Isles and include names such as Walker, Caine, Hocutt, Blakeney, Lucas, Stansbery, Wilson, Greer, Osborne, Wilcoxson and Boone to list but a few.

about photo 31935, Fayette, Alabama, the five surviving sons of John Thomas and Martha Jane Walker Holliman. L to R, William P. (1872-1941), Silas Green (1876-1943), James Monroe (1878-1938), Thomas Leland (1880-1970) and Ulyss S. Holliman (1884-1965). The missing space is for their deceased brother Andrew Eckford (1882-1926). Ulyss is the grandfather of Glenn N. Holliman.

Being a native of upstate New York and her mother, Elizabeth Davis Long from Canada, Barbara's families are Beiter, Davis, Egginweiler, Evans, Helling, Klein, Long, McGough, Mohlar, Munzert, Rettig, Shank, Shanker, Steinhagen, Switzer and Wachsmuth, almost all German with some Irish ancestors.

If you are related to our primary families, information and additions to this site are always welcomed and very much encouraged. After all we are trying to create a virtual archives, a place where extended families can gather, research and share data and stories. E-mail Us, and we can discuss the materials you wish to store and how to "drop" to us.

We designed our management to be self-perpetuating, to maintain service and enlarge this site as the years and decades pass. We hope you find this information helpful. All we ask is you pass along these family stories to future generations!

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This is a place where one can find and share family history information pertaining to mainly the English and American Holliman families (various spellings) and dozens of allied families. In generations past, memorabilia and research might have gone to the attic or the dust bin. In the 21st Century why not create a virtual archive, scan thousands of pages and via the Internet invite genealogists, now and in the future, to visit the growing database? Select items of interest, a bit like a lending library, only one gets to keep a copy of the manuscript or photo album of ancestors!

Our uploads are often of documents researched and many written by earlier generations. In numerous cases, new information has altered lineages so be careful with conclusions from the past  But what a debt we owe to earlier generations for acquiring and saving raw data, memories and our past.  We hope this site will be a resource for decades to come. - GNH

home side photo 1 1927 Traverse City, Michigan, Clarine Long Munzert, age 48, Robert H. Long, age 12, father of Barbara Long Holliman and Barbara Beiter Long, age 86.